Chats with
Singer/Songwriter Deborah Gibson

On her appearance on NBC's Weekend Today and her new album "M.Y.O.B"




April 6, 2001

MSNBC-Will: Ok, I have singer/songwriter Deborah Gibson here with me. Welcome Deborah.

Question from Tommy Huelsman: Deb, the new CD is outstanding. What are your hopes for it?

Deborah Gibson: Basically my biggest hope it to tour with it because I have big ideas for performing live. And basically, as with everything I release, I just hope that this music reaches the people its meant to reach and to affect in a positive way.

MSNBC-Will: Are you going the Mtv route?

Deborah Gibson: I am going the Mtv route in terms of wanting to reach the younger audience who may not know me from my past recordings. But at the same time I always acknowledge that I am 30 years old, so I won't adjust who I am or what I do to fit the Mtv format. It would be great to reach so many people that they basically force Mtv into not being able to ignore me. LOL!

Question from Donna: Will you be doing a concert tour of MYOB? I love the new album!!

Deborah Gibson: Thank you for the compliment. :) I am planning on promoting through the summer, and at that point I'd like to think about touring. But I will be doing one-off performances in conjunction with radio stations around the country and TV performances such as the Weekend Today show which is tomorrow.

MSNBC-Will: Any idea of where you'll be touring? We'll be here all day if we take all the "come to my town" questions.

Deborah Gibson: No definite tour plans yet. To keep updated on appearances, concerts, etc log onto

Question from larry_barr1: can you ask deborah what is it like being in cinderella?
Question from NJTheater: my fav was Beauty - would love to see her do Cabaret

Deborah Gibson: There were actually inquiries from the Cabaret camp, and I would love to play Sally Bowles some day. Touring with Cinderella was a blast. Ertha Kit is an amazing woman to work with. Thank you for the compliment on Beauty and the Beast. :)

Question from Michael Chow: A lot of people have made and are still making a big deal of calling you Deborah instead of Debbie. Why do you think people get fixated on your name?

Deborah Gibson: That's a good question LOL! But I plan on spending more time in this business as Deborah then I did as Debbie, so eventually that fixation will have to wear off.

Question from Lauren Messinger: Dear Deborah: I have followed your career and absolutely love your voice. My family & I saw you in Beauty & the Beast on Broadway and we all thought you were magnificent. I'm 15 years old and last week I finished 8 hours of recording sessions and am in the process of mixing my first demo. I have performed the National Anthem at many large area venues in the NY/NJ/PA area and have been very well received. Would you have any advice for a determined & dedicated young singer like myself? I honestly believe I was born to sing. Thank you and keep up all the great work that I admire.

Deborah Gibson: Well, you don't seem to need my advice because you have the key ingredient which is determination. You are definitely on the right track as far as recording a demo is concerned. But realize that it took me 4 years of demo-ing over 100 songs to get my first deal. Good luck to you :)

Question from Ivanaldo Pereira: Hi Deborah! I'm Brasilian and I want to know: - What you think about Brazil, and when you come to here? ..Ivanaldo Pereira - Recife - Pernambuco - Brazil

MSNBC-Will: We have others from Canada and Australia...any thoughts on the international scene?

Deborah Gibson: I love traveling overseas and find it amazing that music transcends language barriers, time changes, etc. Some of my favorite places to tour have been Japan and Australia. I have only been to Australia once, so I would put that high on my list of places I would like to re-visit.

MSNBC-Will: Is your album available all over the world?

Deborah Gibson: No, not yet.

Question from Yasmin: You're older now, how do you define 'sexy' ??

Deborah Gibson: I think that being sexy means being comfortable in your own skin and carrying yourself with confidence. I definitely don't think it's about clothing or showing skin.

Question from Tom_K_: I would also like to know why she has not pushed her last few albums as much as this one? I think all have been great albums! And they did not get enough recognition.

Deborah Gibson: I put the same amount of energy into everything I release, but sometimes the public is simply not ready to embrace a particular style of music at any given time. It seems as if the kind of music I'm making right now truly fits in with what's going on in the current pop scene.

MSNBC-Will: Any thoughts on the current pop scene?

Deborah Gibson: I'm very happy to see that pop music is getting a lot of recognition and respect at the Grammies. That's something that wasn't really happening when I first started recording. I really enjoy a lot of the younger solo female artists like Britney, Christina, Jessica, etc.
Probably my favorite, vocally, is Lee Ann Rimes. I must say, however, I am a bit over the exposure that fabricated pop groups are getting. I think it gives kids a false sense of what the business really is like, and it makes it seem as if it's all as easy as showing up for an audition. 99% of the time it is a lot harder than that.

Question from cambell muirhead: hi deborah. usually just when your on the brink of big success again another musical comes along and all focus for promotion and tv interviews etc seem to take back stage. what are your plans as in world domination again for your music

Deborah Gibson: Yes, it seems as if there's a point at which for several different reasons I do shift my focus. One reason is my sanity. LOL! because theater gives me some consistency in my life and I feel that that has to take precedence over promoting and album. That is a personal decision I stand by. But... I never say never in terms of going back into a musical if it is a dream role that I can't resist or if it compliments what I am doing as a recording artist.

Question from Andrew S.: What are some of the advnatages and disadvantages of recording under your own label, Golden Egg Records? Also, whatever happened to Espiritu Records?

Question from Renee: I also wanna ask why she went from Espiritu to golden Egg

Question from musicgirl23: Was it just a name change, or a totally new company?

Deborah Gibson: It simply is a name change and it happened for business/political reasons. I came up with the name "Golden Egg" because it is a feeling shared by both my mom and myself that we are "sitting on the golden egg, waiting for it to hatch." I really feel that when people are exposed to this music, it will have a strong effect on them.
In terms of advantages and disadvantages of having your own label, the biggest advantage is creative control, and not getting lost in the shuffle of a big machine.
The disadvantages are things like not being able to trade favors to get radio play, not being able to piggy-back promotion with other known artists, etc.

Question from Dave from Daytona Beach, FL: Deborah: Your songwriting skills are amazing. Each album you release contains many tunes that can be considered "the hit that never was." Would you or do you write songs for other artists? I surely hope that M.Y.O.B. re-establishes you on the pop scene, not only as an entertainer, but as a songwriter.

Deborah Gibson: Yes I do, and I would, but currently I'm focused on re-establishing myself.

Question from Angie_P: anyone know what song she will sing tomorrow?

Deborah Gibson: I will be singing MYOB with 6 dancers and 11 children including 4 double-dutch jumpropers and certain markets will air a performance of "Down That Road." Depending on the size of the crowd, I will be performing a third song, which has yet to be decided, so please come on down in person to show your love! LOL!!!

MSNBC-Will: That's Rockefeller Center... 8:30am ET

Deborah Gibson: The pre-taped interview piece will be airing at 7:30am

Question from larry_barr: can you ask deborah what does she do in her free time?

Deborah Gibson: This is actually kind of funny. I am sitting here right now during my free half hour of the day getting a manicure while chatting with all of you. LOL! Basically I do like to do those girly things that involve pampering myself. Also, I have 2 dogs and a cat who take up a lot of my time and, I'm a big movie and theater buff. The last theatrical production I saw was just last week. I saw the show "Bat Boy" at the Union Square theater, and it was a blast. I would have to say that that is my favorite thing to do in my free time, see musicals.

Question from Lillian: Where or on what albums would I be able to find songs like "The Most Beautiful Love Songs" and "Without You"?? I really love those songs!!

Deborah Gibson: Those are B sides. “Without You” was an extra track on a Japanese import.

Question from musicgirl23: Can you just tell her thank you for me? She inspired me to stay in music, and I am on the way to being signed by a company? Please?

Deborah Gibson: Excellent! Look forward to hearing your music. :)

MSNBC-Will: Thank you very much Deborah for chatting with us in your free half hour :)

Deborah Gibson: Thank you all for the great questions. Sorry we couldn't get to answer all of them. I will see you all tomorrow either live at Rockefeller Plaza, or in your living room. :)
If anyone gives you unsolicited opinions. remember to tell them to "MYOB" :)

MSNBC-Will: Thanks very much Deborah :)

Jennifer_Simms-guest: 6oops she
CrankyMoe-guest: 6That was a great one
wildroses-guest: thanks deborah
ValinMD-guest: Yay!
MSNBC-Will: 1 that was great!
DraedenWitch-guest: 6Marry me, Deb!
Niece-guest: 5yeah
wildroses-guest: great job
Jennifer_Simms-guest: 6Deborah you rock
fan415-guest: 10I LOVE YOU DEBORAH!!!
Mahican_: well....that was rather entertaining & informative thanks
Otter-guest: 12Godspeed, Deborah!
Angie_P-guest: thanks deb good luck tomorrow
Niece-guest: 5ROCK ON
DebRocks-guest: 13That was a lot of fun! Deborah is the best!
Donna-guest: 6Thanks Deborah have a great day
MSNBC-Will: 1 at the end there I got her to record a little somethign for the transcript in audio
wildroses-guest: your awsome the biggest number one on my list
electricadult-guest: Thanks Deborah!!!!!!
MSNBC-Will: 1 so i'll tie that to the transcript later.
fan415-guest: 10I'll be up at 5 am to watch you!!
MSNBC-Will: 1 thanks for all the questions guys.
CrankyMoe-guest: 6YEah Deborah you really shake our love for you
musicgirl23-guest: Thanks for being my voice teacher!
Infilm919-guest: thank you Deborah for everything, You are great
moonchild-guest: I WAS LATE!!!!!!! :(
Niece-guest: 5THanks Will
long_time_fan-guest: oy, I missed most of it damn server diconnected me anywas to back read my scroll won't go back farther then when I reconnected
Jorge-guest: Thanks Deb! Come to Minneapolis!!!!
fan415-guest: 10She's gone:-(
moonchild-guest: By a few minutes. *sob sob*
Mahican_: I missed my question
MSNBC-Will: 1 sorry we didn't get to them all, we blazed through as many as we could
MikeyMike97-guest: i joined the chat can I see a transcript of all the q&a?
Otter-guest: 12Who interviewed her for the Weekend Today segment?
moonchild-guest: It took me forever to connect
CrankyMoe-guest: 6You did great, Will thanks!
mscasper-guest: I had trouble connecting to the chat.
DebRocks-guest: 13You did a great job, Will!
Angie_P-guest: thanks will :-)
Niece-guest: 5awesome
Jennifer_Simms-guest: 6good bye peoples
DraedenWitch-guest: 6Yeah, cheers, Will.
Donna-guest: 6yeah thanks will
MSNBC-Will: 1 thanks DebRocks :)
Jorge-guest: This was really great. Thanks Will & MSNBC!!
DraedenWitch-guest: 6Bye Jen
Mahican_: webtv has no problem connecting...go figure
Pendragon-guest: wonders why this java chat won't let you mark & cop text
Niece-guest: 5hey any fans wanna write....
Angie_P-guest: where do we get the transcript?
ValinMD-guest: where will the audio clip be?
DraedenWitch-guest: 6Sure, Niece.
moonchild-guest: well, I am using a public computer.
MikeyMike97-guest: I invited Deborah to my wedding in 1999...
Mahican_: I'll write
Jennifer_Simms-guest: 6THANKS WILL YOU ROCK :-p
CrankyMoe-guest: 6lol Machican
MSNBC-Will: 1 Angie, I'll try to turn the transcript around now and give it to the Weekend Today people
MSNBC-Will: 1 so it'll be on their site
Niece-guest: 5talk to you soon Draeden
vanessa-guest804: niece, write what?
Angie_P-guest: youre great will :-) thanks for everything
DraedenWitch-guest: 6Sure..
MSNBC-Will: 1
DebRocks-guest: 13Denise - I'll write to you! I have to go to work! You can get me at
moonchild-guest: And I got my watch adjusted to the wrong US timezone
fan415-guest: 10Hey e-mail is me..
Mahican_: I thought it would be Cranky-Moe
MSNBC-Will: 1 I should also mention that Deborah's site is
MSNBC-Will: 1 and that's the place to go for you international people who don't have the album near you yet.
DraedenWitch-guest: Aol and MSN are "Draedenwitch"
Jorge-guest: It wouldn't hurt anyone if Vanilla Ice dropped by to chat, would it?
ValinMD-guest: I always like mail! :)
biff-guest: is it over??!?!! did i miss it!??!!
vanessa-guest804: anyone go tothe listning party in miami?
MikeyMike97-guest: Will: thanks for the transcript info...I'm assuming I can read it through the URL you gave us:
DraedenWitch-guest: 6I'll be basically online on and off all day if anyone wants to chat.
Pendragon-guest: so, who else has the BtL pics cd, with pics, back copies of the btl newletter, etc?
Otter-guest: 12She was dead-on about the manufactured groups like "Eden's Crush". Props to Deb for that!
CrankyMoe-guest: 6jeez, was an ice cold year, jorger?
moonchild-guest: yes, biff.
MSNBC-Will: 1 Any of you who want to continue on to news chat can join us at
Angie_P-guest: bye everyone it was fun!!!!!! back to work though <sigh>
DebRocks-guest: 13Bye everybody!
MSNBC-Will: 1 kind of a change of speed to go from Deborah Gibson to spy planes in China, but you're all welcome to join us.
biff-guest: darn... oh well. bye guys
MSNBC-Will: 1 MikeyMike, yes, they'll have a link there
Pendragon-guest: i thought she was talking about nsync, the bs boys, o-town and the like
Niece-guest: 5see you soon Later
Jorge-guest: Well, thanks! Bye Bye!
DraedenWitch-guest: 6k
moonchild-guest: I'm on ICQ now. My # is 38834933
MSNBC-Will: 1 Pendragon, :) she was very careful not to say any names. :)
Tom_K_-guest: 12see ya all tomorrow!
mscasper-guest: I couldn't ask any questions.
fan415-guest: 10Hey anyone that is on you mind if I put you on my buddy list?
Pendragon-guest: yah, well she's not stupid.. heh
moonchild-guest: I didn't even prepare questions to ask.
moonchild-guest: I didn't expect that I would be so lucky!
DraedenWitch-guest: 6You can put me on it, Fan
Pendragon-guest: noticed she didn't answer the napster question too
mscasper-guest: This chat thing wouldn't let me.
DraedenWitch-guest: 6and Will didn't even propose for me. :)
MikeyMike97-guest: I wonder if my question about whether or not she'd pose for Playboy was asked...
mscasper-guest: I am disappointed
CrankyMoe-guest: 6LOL
moonchild-guest: How long was Deborah on?
Mahican_: I sent her this "Giant" bithday card for her18th birthday I mean "GIANT" size I like stood about 2.5 feet or was just a lil taller then my niece who was 5 at the time
CrankyMoe-guest: 6half an hour
Pendragon-guest: it wasn't.. she's been asked before (by playboy) and said she never would
MikeyMike97-guest: I got to chat with Deborah on the radio last year, but the stupid djs cut me off after asking her about napster....
moonchild-guest: Yeah, right! Moe!
MSNBC-Will: 1 moon, she started late, but we had her for a good half hour
mscasper-guest: Napster is such a sensitive issue.
CrankyMoe-guest: 6yeah, I was righ :-)
DraedenWitch-guest: 6I have to say, this was really fun.
moonchild-guest: Pendragon. I think she would, she just wanted her own photographer to take the pics. I gathered.
CrankyMoe-guest: 6yeah same for me
MSNBC-Will: 1 Mikey, yeah, we didn't go for the Playboy question.
DraedenWitch-guest: 6You all were really cool! :)
Mahican_: same here
MSNBC-Will: 1 We did get her difinition of sexy though.
moonchild-guest: Oh, okay. Tanks, Will!
moonchild-guest: Sorry, Moe.
fan415-guest: 10Draeden I have you now....!!!
mscasper-guest: I can't wait for the transcript.
DraedenWitch-guest: 6Cool
MikeyMike97-guest: mscasper: Deborah is against Napster...she said that she was on CSPAN talking about it...CSPAN is very boring stuff
Pendragon-guest: that's messed up.. can't have more than one chat window
CrankyMoe-guest: 6yeah good definition, too
moonchild-guest: What was her definition of sexy?
Mahican_: and she put it in the right is only in the way one carries one-self
moonchild-guest: Wow! That's profound! *L*
mscasper-guest: Does anyone have recorded show that Deb was on.
Pendragon-guest: doesn't air till tomorrow
Mahican_: I have all the videos
Lori-guest: What shows?
MSNBC-Will: 1 LOL!!!
CrankyMoe-guest: 6I wsa going to copy the question but I couldnt
MikeyMike97-guest: mscasper: i have the original out of the blue vhs video and her concert vhs videos! i just found them yesterday
mscasper-guest: \any shows
fan415-guest: 10My mom pawned them all..I still hate her for that..
Niece-guest: 5what do u think about the play boy deal???
MSNBC-Will: 1 Deborah just accidentally hit redial on her phone and called me!
MikeyMike97-guest: i also have a taped episode of her with regis and kathy lee
MSNBC-Will: 1 heeheee
mscasper-guest: I have all the concerts and videos.
fan415-guest: 10Lucky...
DraedenWitch-guest: 6Don't rub it in, will.
mscasper-guest: Well, Out of the Blue vids anyway.
CrankyMoe-guest: 6wow, maybe she likes you, will
moonchild-guest: I only got Deb on Ricki. and her 6 secs still of her from ET about the stalking thing.
Niece-guest: 5Be Nice Will
fan415-guest: 10No rubbing allowed..
MikeyMike97-guest: i think regis was hot for deborah
DraedenWitch-guest: 6heh
DraedenWitch-guest: 6Too funny, Mikey
MikeyMike97-guest: i was at the concerts in ohio where the stalker was at....:O
Mahican_: and do you blame him
Niece-guest: 5Draeden asked her first now Will!!! lol
vanessa-guest804: when was she on Regis?
moonchild-guest: *LOL*. Deb can she so derrr
mscasper-guest: What did Regis do?
DraedenWitch-guest: 6I used to have a tape FULL of Deb stuff.. Really old.. my ex killed it though.
MikeyMike97-guest: she was on regis like in the early 90s
Mahican_: Deborah is very attractive to say the least
Niece-guest: 5did you trash her stuff????
DraedenWitch-guest: 6Amen to that.
moonchild-guest: YOu were, Mikey? Concerts? When was this?
MikeyMike97-guest: regis oogled all over her. :D
vanessa-guest804: oh, w/ the cool jacket?
mscasper-guest: I have this one part where Deb is on a talk show and this girl sings to Deb.
Pendragon-guest: regis ogles all the female guests
moonchild-guest: I see why she is your EX, Draeden. hehe
MikeyMike97-guest: i used to hang her poster up in my dorm room...the guys in my frat gave me hell! losers!!! :D
DraedenWitch-guest: 6'Cause he's sick of Kathy Lee
Niece-guest: 5she showed her under wear on mike Bullard show....
MikeyMike97-guest: blossom music center near cleveland/akron ohio...1987 and 1988?
Pendragon-guest: i've got several posters, some still in the tubes DGIF sent them in
mscasper-guest: I heard about her showing her panties.
MikeyMike97-guest: i still have my out of the blue white concert t-shirt!
Mahican_: so dont I
fan415-guest: 10My mom got mad at me years ago and destoryed most of my stuff..
moonchild-guest: The most recent appearance ever saw Deb on was at the AMA's.
MikeyMike97-guest: i used to be in dgif!
DraedenWitch-guest: 6Me too...
mscasper-guest: I used to have a poster collection and such, but it was trashed. I didn't do it.
moonchild-guest: Me, three. Until they switched to the Online thingy.
vanessa-guest804: what's the story of the panties?
Pendragon-guest: don't forget about the BtL newsletters.. i liked it better than DGIF, except no pics..
MikeyMike97-guest: when i chatted with deborah over the radio, i gave her a hard time about not going to my wedding.
mscasper-guest: People are so evil.
DraedenWitch-guest: 6I have buttloads of stuff.. the perfume, the mags, cassette singles. My ex threw it all out.. :(
Niece-guest: 5I will see her sooner or later...I will get the chance....I spent over $2000 and she was ill
MikeyMike97-guest: i told deborah that the only other celebs i invited were the pope and bill and least they had the decency to show up! :D the djs gave her a hard time too
moonchild-guest: BtL is great because they are by fans for fans. DGIF is more for profit by inexperienced workers.
mscasper-guest: I have my current collection now.
Niece-guest: 5Hey drae...u got the maxi single of foolish beat???
mscasper-guest: Which is great!
DraedenWitch-guest: 6Nope..
moonchild-guest: Everyone here got the new album?
Niece-guest: 5IT IS AWESOME!!!! that is my fave song
DraedenWitch-guest: 6Right now, just a cd collection and an autographed pic.
Pendragon-guest: i wrote in to one, said she needed to do whole version of 'will you still love me' like was on one of the videos.. and it was on the next cd!
DraedenWitch-guest: 6I love Foolish Beat.
mscasper-guest: I ordered MYOB, but I haven't gotten it yet.
electricadult-guest: Whatt's the new album like?
vanessa-guest804: can anyone see this??
DraedenWitch-guest: 6Yes
MikeyMike97-guest: i have a lot of 12" dance records of deborah's early stuff.
moonchild-guest: mscasper- from where? It's darn excellent!
Niece-guest: 5it has the extended version and just lyrics
Mahican_: i can
moonchild-guest: the New album's really cool! Very diverse.
DraedenWitch-guest: 6I like the remixes on the Greatest Hits cd
vanessa-guest804: thanks
fan415-guest: 10MYOB ROCKS!!
mscasper-guest: I don't remember. I will have to look at my records.
Niece-guest: 5I love the dance version of M.Y.O.B.
DraedenWitch-guest: 6The Only In My Dreams one especially.
Niece-guest: 5I love all the remixes
moonchild-guest: A few radio-friendly songs, like the top 10 songs right now and a few are very Deb and 2 of the songs are very new. Deb has never done those kinda sounds before.
electricadult-guest: Sounds like great CD
moonchild-guest: It is. Debfans should get it.
Niece-guest: 5I think it would be cool if all the female singers past and present do a charity song of some sort
DraedenWitch-guest: 6Like Live aid..
moonchild-guest: I had it in my player for 2 weeks straight and never took it out.
Niece-guest: aid something big....
electricadult-guest: or like ... Lillith Fair?
moonchild-guest: Niece- who would you have singing on it?
DraedenWitch-guest: 6Cindy Lauper!
Niece-guest: 5Now you are talking a tour...which would be AWESOME
moonchild-guest: Yeah, Cyndi is cool!
DraedenWitch-guest: 6Banannaramma!
mscasper-guest: I was thinking about putting up a Deb site. I need everyone's help. Tell of your stories, tell about your collection, stuff for trade/sale. I do have an existing site now.
fan415-guest: 10The BANGLES!!
moonchild-guest: MARTIKA?
electricadult-guest: Expose
DraedenWitch-guest: 6Yah!
moonchild-guest: Expose, yeah!!!
Niece-guest: 5You know...Mariah, Whitney, Celine...I don't know
MikeyMike97-guest: mscasper: thanks...i'll check out the web site!
DraedenWitch-guest: 6Kylie Minogue
Niece-guest: 5I LOVE The GoGos
DraedenWitch-guest: 6Yah!
mscasper-guest: Anyone willing to help, share info. write (subject: high deb)
electricadult-guest: How about Samantha Fox
MikeyMike97-guest: does anyone have the deborah gibson electric youth perfume?
moonchild-guest: b52's?
Niece-guest: 5KI seen her in concert
moonchild-guest: *LOL*
DraedenWitch-guest: 6I used to... Smelled hella good!
Niece-guest: 5I do.....
electricadult-guest: I'm wearing it right now!
ICTREP-guest: 4hey sisbear -- we in the right room? :) :)
DraedenWitch-guest: 6You can find it on Ebay, but they want HELLA for it.. :)
MikeyMike97-guest: i wonder if deborah keeps in touch with the people she used to tour with...
MikeyMike97-guest: dradenwitch: how much for electric youth perfume on ebay?
DraedenWitch-guest: 6Like her dancers and old bandmates?
moonchild-guest: She does, I think. Her new albums got appearances from old friends.
fan415-guest: 10Buddy Casimano..I have his autograph..
Mahican_: Well everyone it's been a blast , but I gotta go....I invite all to or email me anytime @ hope to chat with you all again real soon
DraedenWitch-guest: 6Last time I saw it was around 25 or so.
MikeyMike97-guest: electricadult: no way!
moonchild-guest: Like Bashiri Johnson, etc, etc.
DraedenWitch-guest: 6Some are more, some are less..
ICTREP-guest: 4Will -- have I been captured by aliens? :)
Niece-guest: 5I wish she put Love under my pillow out on a disc
MikeyMike97-guest: witch: yeah, like tommy the guitarist and keith the dancer
DraedenWitch-guest: 6And Adam
fan415-guest: 10Me too neice..
Niece-guest: 5Keith
electricadult-guest: Just jaggin' wit ya!
DraedenWitch-guest: 6And the pudgy drummer.. :)
Niece-guest: 5I love that song
moonchild-guest: I LOVE 'til you come back again and take me home for christmas! I wish she'd put those out as singles!
DraedenWitch-guest: 6Tony?
MSNBC-Will: 1 ICTRAP, we're in that other news room
MikeyMike97-guest: the pudgy dummer?! i'll have to look him up in my out of the blue concert book
moonchild-guest: Yeah! Ira played guitar on one of the tracks on MYOB!
DraedenWitch-guest: 6Her first drummer.. He's on the Out of the Blue video collection.
MikeyMike97-guest: does anyone have the newer version of staying together on a digital format? i have it on a maxi-single cassette
Niece-guest: 5It s so nice to go to sleep with love under my pillow( SINGING)
moonchild-guest: pudgy drummer? You mean Lou Appel?
DraedenWitch-guest: 6yea!!
DraedenWitch-guest: 6Lou, that's it.
moonchild-guest: newer version of ST? How new?
moonchild-guest: Yeah, I liked him!
MSNBC-Will: 1 ok guys, we have to be wrapping up in here.
MSNBC-Will: 1 Thanks for joining us.
moonchild-guest: Thanks a lot, Will!
electricadult-guest: See ya!
DraedenWitch-guest: 6Ok, bye and thanks will...
MSNBC-Will: 1 to join us in News Chat
MikeyMike97-guest: staying together on the original album is boring...she did a remake of it a year later i think
fan415-guest: 10Oh ok..well guys e-mail
Niece-guest: 5Thanks talk to you all later
DraedenWitch-guest: 6Even though you didn't ask her if she'd marry me. :)_
MSNBC-Will: 1 Have a good day :)
DraedenWitch-guest: 6U2
Niece-guest: 5I am going to the new roo,
Niece-guest: 5room
DraedenWitch-guest: 6what one?
MikeyMike97-guest: thanks will...can we have deborah's phone #? i assume you have caller id!
fan415-guest: 10what room?
DraedenWitch-guest: 6heh
DraedenWitch-guest: 6lol
MSNBC-Will: 1 Sure Mikey,here it is....
MSNBC-Will: 1 LOL! :)
fan415-guest: 10Ahhhhhh that was so not cool
MikeyMike97-guest: Will: YOU SUCK!!!! ;)
mscasper-guest: Correct URL is
MSNBC-Will: 1 sorry, evil side crept in :)
moonchild-guest: URL for what?
mscasper-guest: My Deb site.
MikeyMike97-guest: Will: are they talking about the china-usa issues in the other chat room?
MSNBC-Will: 1 yes Mikey
MSNBC-Will: 1 'been China Chat all week
moonchild-guest: Oh, okay. There's a fabulous Debsite at
DraedenWitch-guest: 6Ok, I'm outta this room.. MSN and AOL will be off and on today.. feel free to say hi! :)
MikeyMike97-guest: Will: Are you a DG fan? How did you get this assignment?
MSNBC-Will: 1 Mikey, this is my job, I talk to all of the people who have come through chat.
MSNBC-Will: 1 I was a metal head in the 80's, so I didn't get into much Deborah Gibson.
MSNBC-Will: 1 But I've seen her play here in NYC.
MSNBC-Will: 1 She was great on the phone.
MSNBC-Will: 1 not fake or grumpy or anything
MSNBC-Will: 1 cool person
mscasper-guest: I have future plans of expanding my site.
MikeyMike97-guest: Will: Can I trade jobs with you? I'm an Electrical Engineer. My metal head friends picked on my DG obsession.
fan415-guest: 10I am so jealous!!
moonchild-guest: Thanks, Will. On Deb's behalf.
mscasper-guest: Audio and video.
MSNBC-Will: 1 sorry Mikey :)
moonchild-guest: I'm studying electrical Engineering.
MikeyMike97-guest: remember it takes a EE to spell geek
MikeyMike97-guest: will: your job must have some's the pay?
moonchild-guest: Thanks, Mike. I think I'll just drop my course now and move onto IT! *LOL*
MSNBC-Will: 1 the cons are the hours
fan415-guest: 10well it's been nice guys...have a good day.
MSNBC-Will: 1 and a little stress
MSNBC-Will: 1 it's sort of a performance
moonchild-guest: The pros?
MSNBC-Will: 1 and Deborah was a bit late today, that's kinda stressful
mscasper-guest: I can make copies of the Deb shows that I have,
MSNBC-Will: 1 moonchild, I just spent a half hour on the phone with Deborah Gibson :)
MikeyMike97-guest: will: why can't you do your job from home like with a virtual office?
MSNBC-Will: 1 you want more pros than that ?
moonchild-guest: Can ya? For us?
MSNBC-Will: 1 Mikey, I could, but I do a lot with MSNBC TV as well
moonchild-guest: No, Will. I was just kidding
MikeyMike97-guest: moonchild: i wish i was an it geek!
mscasper-guest: If interested,
moonchild-guest: Mikey- why? u don't like EE?
MSNBC-Will: 1 Ok guys, let's close out this room so I can get the transcript up on the site.
MSNBC-Will: 1 Thanks for coming.
MikeyMike97-guest: EE work is boring...though the pay is decent
moonchild-guest: Thanks mscasper!
MikeyMike97-guest: Will: okay....thanks for everything!
MSNBC-Will: 1 They're talking about doing another one with Deborah later on, so keep an eye out
MikeyMike97-guest: and for staying around to chat
moonchild-guest: Thanks a lot, Will!!! Have a great day!
MSNBC-Will: 1 nice meeting you all. :)

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